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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

For a business, it is pivotal to remain secure when you selling goods to clients. This process, if gone the wrong, may lead to a variance of problems, starting from ethically raised issues to eventual fines and lawsuits. It is no secret that many teenagers and young adults wish to indulge in goods such as alcohol before they reach the legal age of 21. Due to this factor, many of them undertake different steps to be able to go through with the purchase, however, all states require customers to be 21 in order to legally proceed the purchase.


In various scenarios, minors try to purchase liquor by the help of fake identification, lies regarding their age, or other means of proving they are older than their current age. According to many reports conducted through recent year, around 7% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 20 have reported that they have drank alcohol. Moreover, 12-20-year olds reported high rates of not only alcohol consumption, but binge drinking on a rather alarming rate from 2010 to 2019. Hence, store-owners must revert to attaining the best skills they have in order to not let this happen. To avoid such liabilities, store owners must trust more than their intuition. Additionally, store owners also have the social responsibility of preventing alcohol abuse in younger generations.


Where do we come in?

For us, it is important to contribute to society’s wellness, and we wanted to produce a qualitative solution that enables ID verification on the spot. Through this, stores would not go through the fuss of trying to verify whether an ID is fake or not, and the process would not cause a loss of productive time. Presently, fake IDs have become so trendy that it is quite hard to distinguish a real ID from a fake. With our solutions, store owners can safely scan and verify the cardholders’ identity. This way, legal liability is mitigated, and store owners are more in tune with their customers.


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