How AcuteScan Insures Your Business

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

How AcuteScan Scanners Perform as An Insurance Policy For Businesses

Managing a store that sells age-restricted items is not an easy task and comes with a fair deal of issues and problems. On the one hand, the owners and managers at such stores are too busy managing the lack of customer retention, out of stock inventory and time-consuming record-keeping tasks as a perpetual ongoing routine. One the other hand, the biggest and the gravest problem they are faced with is the accuracy and the speed of age verification for the customers who buy age-restricted products.

Why Selling to a Minor is a threat to your Business?

18 to 21 can cost you your Business

The verification of age has become ever more important since the implementation of new minimum age law for restricted items, including cigarettes, cigars, e-cig, and alcohol. Now, in most states of the US, you cannot sell age-restricted items to any person below the age of 21 years. The accuracy of the technique that you are using at your business for age verification can actually make or break your business. A little oversight by a tired salesman can cost you massive loss in terms of fines and lawsuits. Repetition of the same offense can even result in the closure of the business.

Manual Verification takes time and loses Business

Manual ID verification, besides being prone to errors, is also time-consuming. It takes a store clerk too long to determine the authenticity of the ID card AND also check its validity, period. This delay at peak business hours results in a long queue which is always detrimental to customer service. This, in turn, results in business losing the client or at least adversely affecting its ability to retain customers.

Fake IDs Are Difficult to Identify

Nowadays, a well made fake ID is almost indistinguishable from the real one, especially to the naked eye; so you can’t blame your staff in the end. Therefore, without an ID verification scanner, your business is inadvertently prone to violate the law of selling age-restricted products to a minor. With hefty fines and penalties like cancellation of licenses and even closure of business, manual verification isn’t a risk you should be taking with your hard-earned business. By failing to comply with the state law, your store may also get embroiled in a major lawsuit.

How AcuteScan Scanners Ensure That You are Insured?

With all the issues related to selling to a minor, it falls on the store owners and managers to work out a way to determine the exact age of the customer and ensuring that no sale is made to a minor. And while doing so, they have to remain wary of the fact the customers are not bothered in terms of time and service. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install quality ID verification scanners at your business stores.

With AcuteScan scanners, you can instantly detect fake IDs much faster and easier. Your staff will be able to verify the authenticity as well as the validity of the ID in a fraction of that time that is taken for manual verification. This improves customer satisfaction and experience. It also deters the would be users of fake IDs.

All of this ensures that your business would save a lot of time and effort in your employed manpower. By saving time and effort, the scanners facilitate higher sales, higher customer satisfaction and, therefore, higher profit. Besides, they protect your business from huge fines and lawsuits and thus are the best insurance for your business.

It’s obvious AcuteScan Scanners are an investment that continues to pay for itself each time you scan an ID…you just never know!, Trust us, investing in an ID verification scanner would be the best business decision.

You can thank me later.

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